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Why is it Important to Survey Land Before Building a Fence?

There are many different reasons why you might want to build a fence on your property. These reasons can range from privacy, to keep local wildlife out, or to enhance the beauty of your yard. But if you are serious about building a fence on your property, there is one thing that you should do first.

This is to contact a professional land surveyor to come out and survey your land. While this step can be skipped, it can also lead to an end result that is disastrous. The fence may not be built on the property line and can encroach onto the neighboring property, the posts can be an incorrect distance from each other, or even worse, the fence will not be up to code and need to be rebuilt.

Whatever the problem may be, the simple fix is to hire a professional land surveyor to come out prior to getting started. They will be able to help locate any wires or pipes that may be buried, as well as any uneven land that may be on the property. Once you know where any buried wires and pipes may be, you can build your fence around those to avoid larger problems later on, or if you have uneven land, you can plan your fence building accordingly.

Setting Your Fence Posts

While the average fence has posts that range about 8 feet apart, it is sometimes better to get one fence post done before moving onto the next one. This will ensure that your fence posts are always the correct spacing apart. After your first post is set, be sure to double check your measurements and move onto the next post. This is the best method of choosing the right spacing for fence sections.

The worst thing that can happen is to have fence posts that aren't correctly spaced apart. If this is the case, you will have to re-do the fence posts so that they are the correct spacing apart.

Fences on Uneven Surfaces

When building a fence on a hill or slope, it is best to follow the contours of the yard. One way of doing this is to build your fence using different pre-cut panels that have been custom cut. This will help to eliminate any gaps or holes in the fence.

Another method for how to build a fence on a hill is to use a stepped fence. This is when each section of the fence is slightly higher or lower than the last section. While this is a popular option, it can leave gaps under the fence, and the fence posts will need to be custom cut to fit the different heights of the fence panels.

While there are many different reasons why you may want to build a fence, the process is always the same. You want to make sure a land surveyor comes out and lets you know about any wires and pipes that may be buried, as well as any slopes in your land. This will help to make your fence building process go as smoothly as possible.


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